Why Z-CME?

Practical and Self Paced

The program provides a real-time learning platform for participants to attain effective business writing skills to excel in your career. You can complete the Business Communication Training anytime within six months of your enrolment date. Extension will be given on request without any extra fee. The program license is valid up to six months.

Experience and Expertise

As an organization, we have trained over 1500+ plus professionals worldwide in various discipline of marketing. Our objective is to provide usable, affordable and experiential training for executives and students.

Following the success path of our online medical writing program (www.onlinemedicalwriting.com)which has over 1500 participants trained worldwide, we have come up with another Business Communication Training program which is based on our experience working with progressive start-ups, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, universities, mid-sized and Fortune 500 firms.

ZeebraCrossTM is into the business of marketing and communication. Therefore, the participants get to learn the writing standard and its application based on the wide range of projects executed by the company for its clients worldwide. Visit www.zeebracross.com to learn more about us.

One on one Assessment

You will be assigned a mentor who will assist you throughout the course by answering all your questions about each study unit and keeping a track of your assignments and participation. Our 3A (Assignment, Assessment and Advice by mentor) prepares the learner to write effective business content or developing content for website.

ZeebraCrossTM Business Writing Program's unique features are its assessment and continuous feedback. The program offers more than fifteen sets of assignments to evaluate the learning process of the participant. On successful completion of the assessments and evaluation by mentors who hold distinction in business writing, you will be awarded certificate from ZeebraCrossTM.


As working professionals / students, you get full flexibility to take up the Business Communication Training courses – anytime and anywhere. If you know the basics of computers and internet, it would be a very easy and a user –friendly learning experience. What you will need is a computer with Adobe Flash Player installed, and an internet connection. This program is presented in an asynchronous format which means that students are not required to attend a class at a certain given time, but can login and access the program when it is most convenient for them.

Study Mate

ZeebraCrossTM offers StudyMate program to complement your learning by facilitating interaction with your peers undergoing the same program.

Your participation in Z-CME StudyMate program is optional and free; any participant interested in having a study buddy can opt for this program.

How is Z-CME StudyMate useful to me?

  • Builds discipline in learning
  • Provides constant motivation and inspiration
  • Promotes thoughts and idea sharing
  • Helps in writing assignments by discussing it with peers
  • Helps in peer- review of the assignments before submitting

How can I join Z-CME StudyMate program?

  • Please register yourself using the application below

Note: Only Z-CME enrolled students are eligible for the StudyMate program.

How does the Z-CME StudyMate program work?

  • Once we are in receipt of your application, ZeebraCrossTM team will assign you a studymate. Both the participants will receive the contact information of each other.
  • It is up to you and your studymate when and how often you touch base.

Z-CME StudyMate Terms and Conditions

By registering for the StudyMate program, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  • ZeebraCrossTM will provide only the name and email address of their Z-CME StudyMate. Addresses, telephone and mobile numbers or other personal information will not be divulged.
  • Each participant will be assigned only two StudyMates.
  • Participants are permitted to share their ideas and thoughts, but identical/ copied assignments are not acceptable. In the event of two assignments being identical, ZeebraCrossTM may ask the participants to repeat the assignment.
  • We recommend our participants to safeguard their personal information from their StudyMates. ZeebraCrossTM will not be responsible for any liability for contact details or personal information shared by the StudyMates to each other.
  • ZeebraCrossTM will attempt to assign a suitable StudyMate within two weeks of their request.
  • ZeebraCrossTM will attempt to provide a suitable StudyMate within the same regional area whenever possible. However, your StudyMate may be in a different city/ state /country than you.

By registering for the Z-CME StudyMate program, I agree to the terms and condition as mentioned above.

Why learn Business Writing?

  • Writing skills is considered as important as verbal skills to excel in one’s career.
  • Many in the workforce today struggle with the basics of writing that includes grammar, spellings, and punctuation. This can hold back many skilled professionals and reduce their confidence when it comes to business documentation and communication.
  • Business communication and writing helps to connect with individuals to achieve objectives, meet deadlines and ultimately, drive profits.
  • Effective channels of business communication help an organization run smoothly. Professional quality writing- Technical Writing, Email Writing, Social Media Writing, Writing for website etc improves productivity and the ability of all functional areas to work together, particularly in an increasingly global workplace where collaboration is the norm.
  • Learning and honing business writing and business communication skills can have a positive impact on an individual's career advancement.
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