The quality and standard of business communication determines you, your attitude and professionalism. Good quality of written communication is essential for brand building and establishing a connection with customers through emails, PR, presentations, proposals, social media content, website content, blogs, documents, offers – you name it.

  • Why z-cme?

    Our 3 As (Assignment, Assessment and Advice by mentor) prepares the learner to write effective business content.

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  • Did you know?

    • Soft skills, such as writing and communication, are scarce and in demand across nearly every career avenue, even in technical fields.
    • Employers face a big challenge in filling the gap for these soft skills. Good workplace communication helps the employees to speed up their growth in an organisation.
    • In today’s digital world, both personal and professional communication involves minimal conversation and more electronic sharing of data and information using email, texts, digital documents and social media. Statistics say that more than 80% communication in a professional environment happens in a written format. Unfortunately, many business folks are very poor writers. This leads low self-esteem, a poor lasting impression in the workplace and eventually, poor performance.

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